I don’t have a home phone line: can I still have an alarm system?

Absolutely! While we endorse hardwired phone lines as still the most reliable communications systems, we also install internet and cell communicators in many residential projects. We can work with you to choose the system that best suits your lifestyle.

I’ve heard some horror stories about false alarms. What happens when my entry alarm system goes off?

Your house is wired (typically by phone lines) to our central station. At the point where an alarm is detected, one of our customer service technicians proceeds according to pre-determined instructions that YOU have provided: either to phone a list of key contacts for the property (in order) and / or phone the local police agencies to report the problem.

Should I own or lease my security equipment?

We find that it is usually more cost-effective for our client’s long term to own their own     equipment, rather than being stuck with larger monthly payments indefinitely.  We are happy to consult with you to determine the best investment for your personal circumstances!

What could cause my system to go offline?

It’s rare, but it does happen. When work is done on phone lines in your home or neighborhood, there could be cause for the equipment to malfunction if your system is not reconnected correctly. Phoenix technicians are standing by to help if you’re ever worried that something isn’t operating correctly, and our daily function calls will often find the problem before you do!

Who is monitoring my system?

That’s a great question, and one you should be asking any potential security vendor. As a company that used to operate our own “central station” for reporting, we know what it takes to make sure our customers are TRULY protected! One of Phoenix’s most unique advantages is that all our clients are monitored by a central monitoring system with redundancy in many states.

How much will it cost?

You might be surprised!  Depending on the size & configuration of your home and the decision to lease or purchase your equipment. Initial rates are quoted based on the number of doors/windows that you wish to protect.  Our team will work with you to develop the most cost effective plan for your home. You may even save money – many homeowners insurance policies issue credits after installing new alarm systems.