Fire and Gas Network Fire Alarms

PRO-2000 Fire & Gas Network Fire Alarm Systems

Addressable gas, flame, smoke and thermal sensors are continuously monitored for alarm signals, malfunctions, open and/or short circuit conditions through a reliable and proven digital communication link. The operator is provided with analog values about combustible and toxic gas levels as well as the presence of a fire through the smoke or thermal sensors in the protected spaces.

Designed to interface with other systems through an RS-485 data highway and using a thoroughly proven MODBUS Communication protocol the PRO-2000 links directly to any host computer, Distributed Control System (DCS) or Emergency Shutdown (ESD) system.

Enhanced reliability against short circuit conditions and RS-485 Splitter Module provides complete isolation of power and communication lines alike. Designed with safety and reliability in mind, the PRO-2000 affords end-users and operators continuous operation through protection against single-point-failure mode. A self-diagnostic feature minimizes trouble shooting problems and makes system integration an easy and seamless process.


X2 Panels
X6 Panels
Control Components
Interface Modules
Intelligent Smoke Detection
Intelligent Heat Detection
Intelligent Modules
MG-2000 Mircom Graphics Package