Voice Evacuation Systems

QX-5000 Voice Evacuation System


Mircom’s QX-5000 Series is a multi-channel zoned audio system that allows the operator to selectively page from a central location to any of the system’s audible devices. In addition, the QX-5000 allows for zoned fire fighters’ telephone communication with remote telephone handsets that are permanently installed throughout a building.







QX-5000 Enclosure & Card Cage
QX-5000 Power Supply & Battery Charger
QX-5000 Interface Modules
QX-5000 Amplifiers
QX-5000 Digitized Voice Modules
QMP-5100B Master Paging Control Module (BB-1000)
QMP-5101B Master Paging Control Module (BB-5000)
QZP-5101 Zoned Paging Selector Panel
QMP-5100AX Master Paging Control Module
Hardwired Telephone Control Modules
Addressable Telephone Control Modules
MIX-M500FP Addressable Firephone Control Module