Phoenix is dedicated to unparalleled dedication to keeping your system functioning at its best at all times, in all conditions. We take a unique approach to fire alarm installation and maintenance.

The design, engineering, approval, installation and acceptance of a fire alarm system is a complicated process and requires careful administration and project management. We take ownership of this process very seriously with the goal of making your life easier. We also provide the fire alarm installation resources to see your job through from inception to final inspection and beyond!


Phoenix engineers and system designers can assist property owners, managers, architects, engineers and electrical contractors with system design or budget specifications. Phoenix’s personnel are extremely knowledgeable of fire alarm codes, ADA requirements, video surveillance, and access control systems. We possess National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technology (NICET) certifications.


From “pulling permits” to filling out your applications, Phoenix wants to help you gain approval for your fire alarm installation as soon as possible. While not all of our expediting services are needed on each job, it is important to know that Phoenix can handle all your fire alarm related expediting needs.

Our expediting services include but are not limited to:

Coordination and attendance of all pre-approval meetings to identify all probable zoning and building code issues that might delay your approval process.
Preparation and approval of all required project documents.
Tracking of all Department of Buildings applications until they are approved.
Tracking of work-permit issuance, expiration and renewal as required.
Facilitating place of assembly inspections and obtaining a place of assembly permits.
Upon project completion, Phoenix will identify and coordinate all requirements for the successful issuance of a letter of completion or a certificate of occupancy.
Phoenix also has the knowledge of performing engineering and filing services for additions to existing Approved Class “E” Systems, existing Fire/Building Department Violations and Fire Department Letter of Defects, retrofitting of an existing or engineered new system and maintenance of systems.


Phoenix is an industry leader when it comes to providing support to Electrical & General Contractors. Phoenix’s Sales Representatives and Sales Engineers are trained to interpret complex system specifications and apply local code requirements when preparing a bill of materials. From providing life safely equipment, custom generated riser diagrams or point-to-point drawings, Phoenix is ready to provide any electrical contractor with expert “parts & smarts” services.

Phoenix will provide submission booklets, O&M manuals and drawings for the installing contractor so they can easily understand where specific devices and controls are to be installed. PHOENIX can supply equipment for your project from a wide variety of equipment manufacturers. Our personnel will provide final connections, programming and perform a final test-in-place to ensure system functionality. Also, Phoenix can provide ongoing maintenance, test, inspections and monitoring of the fire alarm installation.


Did you know that your fire alarm system needs to be regularly inspected and tested to ensure proper performance in the event of fire? In fact, almost all state and local codes mandate periodic fire alarm inspection to ensure the proper function of your system. To comply with these laws and codes, fire alarm systems are required to be inspected, tested and maintained by the requirements outlined in the National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 72).

Phoenix provides the industry’s most comprehensive testing and inspection services to make sure that your fire alarm system is working properly at all times.

Our fire alarm inspection services are designed to exercise the various components of your fire alarm system to make sure they are all in proper working order. This includes, but is not limited to, the testing of all manual pull stations, notification appliances including horns and strobes, smoke and heat detectors, annunciator panels, the central alarm panel and associated communications equipment.

Phoenix has employees dedicated solely to fire alarm inspection. Our technicians will test all of your fire alarm and life safety systems without unexpected nuisance alarms or equipment shutdowns. Additionally, our new “onsite” inspection software will provide you with internet access to a digital report of your completed inspections for quick and easy reference.

An inspection and testing program can be tailored to address the special needs of your building’s system; local code requirements; or insurance recommendations.

Contact a PHOENIX representative today to perform a complimentary system survey to ensure your compliance with these local requirements for system inspection and testing.


Phoenix offers a range of fire sprinkler supervision services, including monitoring and inspection.

Fire sprinklers systems are intended to suppress or extinguish fires, ensuring the safety of your building. The National Fire Protection Association requires a system with more than 100 sprinkler heads to be monitored by a Central Station that has been listed by a Nationally Recognized Testing Lab such as UL, FM or ETL. A monitored system is one where a “remote central station” will be able to receive an “alarm signal” coming from a system so that it can dispatch the Fire Department; other emergency services where necessary; and notify the people designated by the building owner.

Our UL Listed, FM Approved, and FDNY Approved central station will facilitate your compliance with municipal codes and insurance company requirements. We can provide the equipment and installation necessary for a complete and economical “turnkey” Fire Sprinkler Monitoring System. Our systems will be installed, tested, and maintained to ensure compliance with NFPA 72.

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