At Phoenix, we offer a variety of communication systems for business and industrial use spanning the range of paging and intercom as well as time-indicating and signaling systems.

Our industry experience and expertise affords us the ability to design state-of-the-art systems that provide durable, cost-effective solutions for today’s educational, health care and industrial demands. Whether you need a multiple-plant or building-wide paging system, Phoenix can provide a system to meet your specific needs. Our expert services include TV Distribution & Sound Systems Design, Programmed Music Systems, and Intercom Systems.

At Phoenix, we support communications technologies with a reputation for excellence in quality and performance. Our solutions are scalable and open-ended allowing for effortless merging with existing equipment, and flawless integration with emerging technology.

One example of how Phoenix’s combination of strategies and cutting edge of products has led to increased returns and added revenue streams for owners is seen in the TX3 Touch intercom & entry system. This system has a built in advertising module which empowers property managers to recoup quickly the costs of their state-of-the-art telephone entry and card access security system by selling advertising time on their kiosks in high traffic lobbies and entrance points. The Advertising Module sells to the end user for a one-time flat fee and it allows the owner of the property to experience revenue on an on-going basis. The TX3 Touch entry station along with the beautifully designed TX3 InSuite Touch Station makes the TX3 system one of the most advanced visitor management systems available on the market today.